"Kolb Construction & Roofing Services is a leading experienced proffesional company in designing and installing alternative, enviromentally responsible roofing options as well as energy efficient roof systems."

Eagle Energy Saving Roof System
A method that allows for ventilation between the tile and the roof deck.
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Eagle Cool Roof Tile
Approved colors by the Cool Roof Rating Council and qualify for green building requirements.
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Eagle Solar Roof
A solar intergrated system that becomes part of the roofing system. This system has the potential of federal tax credits. Solar choice makes sense financially as well.
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Cool Roof Systems
Roofing systems that meet the prespective requirements of the California TITLE 24.
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Energy Star qualified roof shingles
GAF/ELK Shingles and others now have highly reflective granules embedded. It may reduce energy consumption by up to 8% by reducing air conditioning loads. The new granules on these shingles slows heat build-up by reflecting the sun's rays.
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